Becoming a great athlete is a journey that begins beneath your feet.

Before you hoist the championship trophy to a cheering crowd or celebrate a personal best bench press, there is planning, hard work and perseverance. In other words, success is built on a foundation of excellence and you should carefully consider where you start.

For Cutting Edge Sports Flooring, our journey ends where yours begins—in the gym or on the court—where you realize your potential and challenge your rivals. To us, a sports floor is more than a stage for athletic drama. It is a competitive edge. A good sports floor keeps players healthy by reducing fatigue and injury. It supports peak performance and inspires athletes to give their all. Before you make that vertical leap toward your goal, let Cutting Edge Sports Flooring give you an advantage underfoot.

To reach victory, first stand on greatness.

We're just as competitive as you are. Cutting Edge Sports Flooring is Michigan's source for game-changing gym floors and athletic surfaces.

On the Cutting Edge

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The Sports Standard

ASTM F2772 outlines sports performance properties like force reduction, surface friction, ball rebound, and vertical deformation.

Athletic space is valuable space. Make the most of your facility with North America's most popular multi-use sports floor.

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Our team is stacked.

It’s no secret that the best floors get the best results. Cutting Edge Sports Flooring partners with industry-leading flooring manufacturers. For example, Tarkett Sports is a division of Tarkett, one of the world’s largest and most respected flooring manufacturers. Tarkett's Omnisports flooring has become the dominate multi-use athletic surface in North America, because of its durability and performance. We work with proven winners, because we want to win as much as you do.

We’re the league leader in assists.

In sports, an assist is a timely pass or a defensive block that helps put points on the board. It’s rarely noticed, but an assist can be the difference between winning championships and finishing second. At Cutting Edge Sports Flooring, assists are how we approach business. We exist to support you. If your goal is a multi-use gym that can handle an army of eighth graders, we can help. If you need a beautiful hardwood court that looks great on camera, we can help with that too. Whatever your facility goals may be, Cutting Edge Sports Flooring is ready with the selfless, no-look pass to make it happen.

  • The gym floor (Omnisports 3.5 mm) at Vanderbilt Charter Academy has been a good investment thus far for the school. Since its installation a few years ago, it has held up well through many uses, including athletics and daily food service. The school has been pleased with it.
    Manager of Facilities
    Vanderbilt Charter Academy – Holland, MI
  • East Kentwood Ice Arena
    I was blown away by how quickly everything moved along…I could not have been more impressed with the staff, installation and them also exceeding expectations in their timeline. As far as the turf itself (EasyField), it also exceeded my expectations...The turf was great, held up strong, and most importantly did not shift.  The turf was durable and structured enough for 300 lb athletes to work on their skills.  The turf was durable and structured enough for elite athletes to make cuts and moves at a high speed and level.  The turf was soft enough and had enough give for 2 year olds to run and jump and fall down without injuries. I strongly recommend the turf style and all of the companies associated with the turf and the installation and removal process.
    Ice Arena Manager
    Kentwood Arena – Grand Rapids, MI
  • In 2016 we installed an Omnisports floor in our gymnasium. We were looking for a multi-use floor that would hold up to not only gym play but also eating events. Over the past three years we put it to the test with basketball, Pickelball, floor hockey, indoor soccer and multiple eating events with tables and chairs. It has held up amazingly well; we sweep and auto scrub it regularly and have only needed a couple minor repairs.
    Director of Facility Services
    Calvary Church – Grand Rapids, MI